Festivalito aquí 4 to 7 april 2024 with Eşref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch 

  • 5 Milongas
  • 4 Workshops (workshop 2, 3 and 4 is full, only queue-places remains)
  • Follower technique workshop
  • Private lessons
  • Semi-Private lessons
  • Festival package including all milongas, meals and fika. Price 1000 kr.

Eşref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch as tango teachers:

Eşref Tekinalp and Vanessa Gauch have emerged as influential figures in the vibrant history of Turkish tango. Both respected and accepted as pivotal individuals within the Turkish tango community, their partnership has quickly become a source of inspiration for many.

The dance of Eşref and Vanessa seamlessly blends the elegance of traditional tango with an innovative musical understanding reflective of the new era. Their unified perspective on tango was discovered after both had worked separately with some of the most influential instructors in the tango world, ultimately leading to a powerful collaboration that transcends cultural and artistic boundaries.

As teachers, Eşref and Vanessa prioritize creating a comfortable environment for their students to explore and enhance their individual essence while simplifying the intricacies of tango. Their dedication to nurturing and guiding aspiring dancers is evident in their unique approach to teaching, as they impart invaluable knowledge and wisdom to their students.

Eşref's pivotal role as the co-founder of Turkey's largest Tango School, "istanbulTANGO," and as the co-organizer of the International Tango Festival, "tanGO TO istanbul," and tangotoistanbul CUP exemplifies his deep commitment to advancing tango within Turkey. Additionally, his longstanding position as the national jury of Argentinian Tango in Turkey underscores his influential presence within the tango community.

Conversely, Vanessa's diverse background in dance, including classical ballet, ballroom dances, jazz, swing, salsa, and tango, coupled with her scientific background in biology, imbues her with a unique and analytical approach to dance. This distinctive blend of experiences fosters an element of curiosity and opens up new possibilities within their dance, resulting in performances that are rich with surprises and depth.

Eşref Tekinalp and Vanessa Gauch's partnership not only represents a harmonious union of artistic expression but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and a shared vision. Together, they continue to influence and shape the Turkish tango landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the art form while inspiring those around them to embrace the limitless potential of dance.


Workshop 1 (All levels) Connection & communication
How connection and communication systems influence the way we move and our dance style (Milonguero, Salon).

Workshop 2: (Level: Intermediate) Cortados
All kinds of cortados and how to use their flow.

Workshop 3: (All levels) Milonga
From Lisa to traspie, play with rhythms and “must” traspie sequences.

Workshop 4: (Level: Intermediate) Musicality & syncopations
Using rhythm musicality and syncopations in all conditions.

Followers technique (All levels) - Fearless balance
Everything you need to have a strong balance: technical points and exercises to improve stability and floor connection.

DJs of the festival

Gabriel Bakke

Likes Golden Age

Gabriel likes Golden Age tango, with a special affection for the big 4. He wants every tanda he plays to have 4 great songs, and he tries to keep a certain harmony or idea in each tanda. He has been DJing in festivals and marathons in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.


Weaves the perfect blend

Drawing from a rich selection of Golden Age tangos, Eşref skillfully weaves together the perfect blend of classic and contemporary tango orchestras, ensuring that every moment on the dancefloor is an unforgettable experience. From the iconic sounds of the 1930s to the vibrant compositions of today, Eşref's passion for tango music is evident in every beat.

His dedication to preserving the essence of tango and his unwavering commitment to creating an atmosphere that transports dancers to another world is what sets Eşref apart. With an assertive and uncompromising style, he refuses to settle for anything less than perfection, delivering only the finest tandas that ignite the spirit of tango in all who have the privilege of dancing to his music.

Omar Saab

With passion for tango music

Omar’s love and passion for Tango music shows in his choice of songs for each tanda. His style is rooted in the traditional Golden Age of tango, but he is open to playing almost anything that fits the mood. As a DJ he always tries to play beautiful and danceable music that is well balanced in rhythm and melody and very much in tune with the current atmosphere. He has DJ-ed in the U.S., Lebanon, Greece, Norway, Denmark, and several places in Sweden.


Enjoys most tango music

DJ Rolpho is one of Tango Nuestro's loyal DJs who usually plays at our own practicas and milongas. He likes most things in tango music and likes to mix classical, alternative and nuevo music when he plays.


Semi-private 1: (Level: Intermediate/advanced) Enrosques
Enrosque for both: Preparation and action.

Semi-private 2: (Level: Advanced) Back sacadas
Complex back sacada-combinations for both.

Other semi-private and/or private content of lessons depends on the person or persons making the booking. 

Price for private: € 60 or €100 with both teachers. All workshops, semi-private lessons and private lessons are booked through the registration system.


The festival package includes all milongas (Friday - Sunday), meals and coffee. 

Milongas can be booked at the time of registration but can also be purchased at the entrance if space is allowed. NB! Maximum 80 people. 

Thursday 19.30 - 21.30 - Milonga

DJ: Rolpho

Friday 21.00 - 01.00 - Welcomemilonga.

DJ: Esref 

Saturday 13.00 - 17.00 - Day Milonga

DJ: Omar 

Saturday 21.00 - 02.00 - Party Milonga

DJ: Gabriel

Sunday 13.00 - 17.00 - Day Milonga

DJ: Omar

Food and refreshments
Last day to register is Thursday 28 March.
The festival package includes all milongas (Friday - Sunday), meals and coffee.
Meals that are not included in the entrance fee are booked in the registration system.
When registering, please state your wishes for special diets!
Coffee/tea is included in the milonga entrance

Registration and information
The last day to register is 28 March.
WS 1 to 4 are given for even pairs. Singles registration will be confirmed as dance couples are formed.
A registration confirmation will be sent by email. The confirmation email contains all the information regarding participation, price and payment. Payment no later than 14 days after confirmation, but no later than March 28.
Questions: TangoDJOmar@gmail.com Phone: 073 - 344 22 23 - Omar Saab

Our famous Tango Palace is called "aquí" and is located at:Artillerigatan 3, Härnösand

Tango shoes and clothes

Barcelona Tango Showroom gilds our festival with tango fashion from Italy, Buenos Aires and Istanbul. Shoes and clothing for tangueras and tangueros. If you have any requests, you are welcome to contact them in advance: www.bcntangoshowroom.com